Why this rain is a blessing

We are into July and we are still seeing rain. This is quite uncommon for these parts of BC, so has become somewhat frustrating for our holiday goers coming from the city for their vacation. Start of the school vacation and kids tucked up indoors? No thank you.

But while this rain pours down on us and I longingly hope for a tan, have we considered why this rainy weather is actually a very wet blessing in disguise?

In 2017, it was the worst wildfire season in BC on record, 2018 then became the worst season on record with both years had BC declaring a state of emergency. This year we are expecting high temperatures and dry weather setting 2019 to be even worse than previous years. 2018 saw over 3 million acres of residential and forest areas being burnt.

Here in the East Kootenays it was like living in a permanent sepia filter which lasted so long, you forgot what the mountains looked like.

With BC being a world class tourist destination we have over 15 million visitors to the province every year. Multiple towns can become at risk if a highway is shutdown due to the fires. One business lost $100k in cancellations in 2017 alone.

While most fires were started naturally there was one man made fire. There are many ways you can not only prepare yourself for the Wildfire season but how you can help in avoid starting a fire. The BC Government website gives you all the information you need.

Kids cooped up inside? Don’t worry we have supplies. We have DVD’s (and DVD Players), board games, and a mini library. Not to mention our indoor pool for kids to play in while you have a pedicure at our Spa. To top off we also have an indoor hockey pitch which is located in our parkade.

So while the rain right now might be a pain, think about how much it is benefiting the environment, so grab your umbrellas and go dance in the rain.

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Laura Sandham

Laura is originally from London, UK and has spent the past 18 months in Invermere and working at Copper Point Resort. She originally came for a 6 month season but enjoyed living in the Rockies so much decided to stay indefinitely. In Laura’s spare time she enjoys travelling, drinking coffee and writing her own blog about her clumsy travels in Canada, you can view the blog over on www.clumsylorr.com.